Amy Shandick presents :
The Chemistry of Tattooing :
Business Edition
Topic : Manage Your Shit with Grandma’s Law

Subtopics: –creating and managing client files/client organization/training
–Time Management/Client Communication/life scheduling
–apps and tools to download/purchase to assist
Do you kinda totally suck at the business/administrative side of tattooing?
Do you try to keep up with it all but, its insanely overwhelming and you have no clue how to keep it maintained?
Was all of that stuff NOT included in your tattoo apprenticeship??

Would you like to potentially become more efficient with client communication, media promotion, and business/time management so that you can turn your spontaneous ‘job’ into a dependable ‘career’?

Cost : $50 (cash/credit)
Date/Time : Friday September 1st 1p-2p (3p)
Villain Arts
Location : Houston Tattoo Arts Convention
Meet by the stage
my cell: 973-876-7651
What to bring: something to write with/on
a charged cell phone

What the seminar will cover :
–Client Organization
We will go over options of how to create and maintain client files. How to keep better communication with clientle even far after their tattoos have been completed thus ensuring a full chair at all times. How to better prevent client cancellations by maintaining reminders being sent. How to utilize past clients on social media to help new clients find your shop. Also, how to create time management to not allow all of this to be so overwhelming.
–Communication and Guidance/Business Management
Multiple tools, client files, and apps can be used to help further the control you can have over all the necessary moving parts of a growing business. We will go over these.
–Time Management/Client Communication/Organization
If you take the time to organize all the ‘time suck’ tasks necessary for any growing artist, you will find all of the tasks will soon turn into habits rather than chores. They will all become just part of what you do for your business to carry on growth in a very professional manner.
–Time Management/Client Training
To assist with responding to messages and comments, time management is key. Keeping saved copies for basic responses to common messages helps tremedously by siphening all communication to one outlet. Guiding clients to where and when you are most likely to give them a full response to thier questions will help you feel more in control of the load of emails/messages/dms/comments/texts/phonecalls.



Dankbuilt Machine Tuning, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

In this seminar we’ll cover basic machine theory that all tattooers should know, giving you a better working knowledge of your tools. I’ll teach you to cut and make your own springs and go over machine tuning so you can make your machines work for you. You’ll learn to troubleshoot common problems and make the necessary repairs to keep your machines running the way they should. We’ll also cover machine maintenance and care. The best methods to keep your machines running the way they should without having to constantly retune and screw with them. And tips on storage and maintaining the finish so your investment doesn’t turn into a pile of rust!

I’ll provide all the necessary tools and machines that we’ll use in the class so everyone has a chance to make springs and troubleshoot real problems. At the end there will be time for Q&A to make sure everyone gets the most out of the seminar and hopefully has a full understanding of all of the material we cover.

The seminar is $150 and will run from 1 PM to 4:30 PM on Sunday and seating is limited to 10 people.